“CSI on Trial” Documentary Series- Now Available

SILVER SPRING, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–“Curiosity (NASDAQ: CURI) the global factual entertainment media company, announced today’s world premiere of CSI On Trial, a groundbreaking docuseries that exposes disturbing questions about the most widely-known crime scene investigation methods. The 6-episode series is available to watch now on Curiosity’s flagship streamer Curiosity Stream.

It’s nearly impossible to imagine a criminal investigation today that doesn’t involve forensic science – firearms analysis, bloodstain patterns, footprints. CSI On Trial reveals the shocking lack of scientific validity behind these investigative practices through real-life criminal cases, the stories of the wrongly convicted who are now free, and the believed innocent who remain behind bars.”

Stream the series that follows the podcast on Curiosity Stream- https://curiositystream.com/video/4538